The Balkan Call 2016

November 17-19, 2016 | Hotel Continental | Skopje

Balkan Call 2016 was a memorable event – therefore we keep its details here below

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Impressions | The Balkan Call | 2016

BALKAN CALL: A strategy that is changing nations
Balkans Prayer Conference November 2016
Report by Bryan Brenchley

Everything changes

when God’s people spend extended time in the presence of the Lord.  We had 6 sessions of worship, prayer, teaching, and ministry time.  In those sessions I estimate we spent 8 hours in worship and prayer.  Hearts and lives were touched.  Then when the Word of God came hearts were hungry and ready to receive.

Prayer Altars

The primary theme of the conference was establishing altars of prayer.  We learned how to do this in our personal lives, marriage/family, business, church, and city.  This resonated powerfully with Lilli and I.  The difference between devotions and the prayer altar is the presence of God.  In the prayer altar we spend considerable time reading the Word of God and letting it flow into our hearts and minds.  Then we move into a time of worship and exulting the Lord. Out of that flows a time of strategic intercession which comes from the heart of God.  We press through to experience His presence, to touch the garment of His robe, to be filled with His peace and power.
It is already making a difference in our personal lives, our family, and our business.  The MakHOP really serves at the prayer altar for the city.  It was out of the city prayer altar that we were able to have this regional prayer altar which was the Balkan Call.

Just the Beginning

We had at least 150 people from 6 Balkan nations that were present and therefor touched by the presence of God.  Many asked already WHEN the next Balkan Call will be.  Even before this one I felt that God was saying, “This is just the beginning”.  Since then I have sensed a number of other things about what that means:

  • We will pray about doing another Balkan Call in a different city/nation next fall.
  • We could expect different nations to host a national call to prayer.  Already some leaders in Kosovo are praying about this.
  • We could expect to see a City call to prayer in different cities.  We are praying about that for Skopje now.

Relationship with World Trumpet Mission

The teaching and ministry team was amazing.  You could listen to them all day.  They are desperate and genuine men of God.  They teach with clarity and conviction.  As a ministry they are committed to keep sowing into the Balkans.  The lead pastor from Florida, Mark Daniel, is open to coming back in 3 months to do some follow-up.  For example maybe visit for 1 day each in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, etc.  The team is also open to being involved in the Balkan Call for next year.

Devine Strategy

God seemed to release divine strategy to see healing throughout Turkey and the Balkans!  There is a presentation given by Pastor Jasmin from Croatia that shows the history of the region. It paints a clear picture of why this has been a dead zone for centuries!  The more you pray into that picture and you pray through scripture and ask God – what will it take to see the healing of Jesus released in these nations – you understand that God is WAITING on us, the Church, to be the conduit through which the healing will be released.  Coming from Ephesians 2 and building on the principle of the prayer altars, we can see a strategy of setting up prayer altars on EVERY border in the Balkans and Turkey.  That would mean for example, humble and Kingdom-minded believers from both Macedonia and Greece meeting somewhere near the border for 1 day to worship and pray together.  As we would wait for and worship God together we believe that the Holy Spirit would be present and would release healing in and through the Church which would then affect the nations.

Focus on most Difficult Borders 

The Lord encouraged us to focus on the most difficult borders.  There are 2 or 3 that stand out.  One is Kosovo/Serbia and another is Greece/Macedonia.  But the Lord seemed to highlight the relationship between Turkey and the Balkans as being a key to the entire region.  That would be Greek and Turkish believers setting up a prayer altar near their border.  And as I began to pray into that I wondered if it might be back at the same hotel where we had the conference this summer!

Speakers | The Balkan Call | 2016

Speakers at The Balkan Call Prayer Conference Skopje

Mark Daniel

Overseer, World Trumpet Mission America & Pastor, Focal Point Church | Orlando, Florida USA
Mark Daniel is a visionary, apostolic leader, author, international speaker and revival carrier. He has travelled to many nations with a calling to awaken and stir the Church to join God in His work of bringing transforming revival to hearts, homes, congregations, communities and nations. Mark has served, along with others, as a catalyst to see the reality of a significant move of God happen on a national scale. The countless global testimonies of authentic personal, family, marketplace and corporate transformation are lasting fruit of the ministry.
Mark has been in full time ministry for 35 years and is the overseer of World Trumpet Mission America and Senior Pastor of Focal Point Church in Orlando Florida. He and his wife, Becky, have been married for 31 years and have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and one granddaughter. His family serves together in the ministry.

Speakers at The Balkan Call Prayer Conference Skopje

Jasmin Avdagić

Pastor & Church Planter | Šibenik, Croatia
Jasmin Avdagić is a preacher and church planter of house church movement in Croatia. His greatest passions are salvation of the lost and unity of the Body of Christ. Jasmin has served, along with others, in many national and international initiatives for strengthening the unity of the Church and promoting a spiritual revival.

Jasmin has been in the ministry for 22 years. He was the member of the World Trumpet Mission International Board responsible for the mission in Europe.

He lives and serves God together with his wife Ljubica and they have three daughters Lani, Janja and Tonka. They live in Šibenik, Croatia where he is the shepherd of the local church.

Speakers at The Balkan Call Prayer Conference Skopje

Dennis Kasirye

Lead Pastor & Founder, Latter Glory Ministries and Faith Family Church | Kampala, Uganda
Dennis J. Kasirye is vision bearer and founder of Latter Glory Ministries and Faith Family Church in Kampala, Uganda. He is presently the lead pastor working with a team of six associate pastors.
Dennis is passionate about developing believers to become effective vessels through which God’s kingdom and governmental influence may increasingly dominate our world. Along with an emphasis on a deeper communion with the Holy Spirit, and a call for Christ’s bride (the church) to return to God and be prepared for His return, Dennis has helped many to connect with the life of Christ, and be released into their divine destiny. He has also been at the helm of leadership of national initiatives to bring together the body of Christ in Uganda. He has ministered in various European, North American and Asian countries. He is faithfully and happily married to Carol Kasirye and together they have two daughters, Mary and Elsie, and one son, Samuel.



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